Saturday, November 21, 2009

Don't Do That!

Don't Provoke a Porcupine!

Don't Kiss a Crocodile!

Don't Irritate an Elephant!

Finally finished these three new illustrations for my children’s book illustration class. The assignment was to create three illustrations with the same character in all of them (one full page illustration and two spot illustrations). The poem that I worked with was “My Uncle Looked me in the Eye”. The challenge is that the poem doesn’t really have any descriptions, only warnings not to annoy different animals. I decided to invent all the scenarios for the lines of the poem that I chose.

“Don’t provoke a porcupine”

“Don’t kiss a crocodile”

“Don’t irritate an elephant”

Even though it could be hard to come up with initial ideas, it also gives you all the freedom and opportunity to read between the lines and come up with some interesting solutions to engage the reader. This is what illustration is all about – a lot of thinking and a lot of drawing, painting, etc.