Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Five Works Sold! Goodbye my Darlings...

Last weekend I sold five of my works. I think the way it happened was really cool.
I went to a doctor for a routine physical. He was nice enough to ask me what I do for a living, so I showed him my promotional postcards that I drag everywhere with me. Long story short, some time later he and his partner came to see the artwork in person. They are avid art collectors and they really appreciate art and respect the artists and their hard work.
Now my artwork is in the collection of Drs. Steve Williams and Michael Stillman, whose home is beautiful and has a few paintings or photographs on every wall. I never gave too much thought where my artwork would be and I suspected that it would probably be there to match a couch. In this case though, Steve and Michael enjoy and appreciate their collection and are proud to show it to their guests. I wish everyone treated artwork this way.
Even though I was a little sad to let two of my favorite original paintings go, I know that they will be displayed beautifully.

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