Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cixi, the Dragon Empress, Surrounded by Eunuchs


I just finished this new illustration. Even though historic and cultural themes are not topics I usually work on, I really enjoyed working on this project. Being a little bit on the geeky side, I think it's great fun to go to the library and go through many books trying to find information and reference images. Even though there is so much information online now, I still prefer and trust libraries. Acting out different characters for reference photos was fun too. I hope you like the final result.


  1. Wow. Very interesting for me to see the whole work process. You are the first who shows this so many thanks for sharing!

  2. Most illustrators work in a similar manner and that's how they taught us at school, I just decided to share my process.

  3. They're great, Katia! My picture book biography, "Cixi, The Dragon Empress" was just released by Goosebottom Books as part of their Thinking Girl's Treasury of Dastardly Dames series. It was illustrated by Peter Malone who did some gorgeous illustrations as well. You can check out the book and take a peek inside on my website: