Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Work Selected for 22nd Annual Children's Illustration Show at R.Michelson Galleries


I'm very honored that my new work was selected at the NE SCBWI conference to be in the 22nd Annual Children's Illustration Show at R. Michelon Galleries. The annual exhibit showcases the works of renowned children's book illustrators. For an emerging illustrator, such as myself, it is truly a big deal to be exhibited alongside established illustrators and get a chance to meet them all and get inspired and encouraged.

My process in creating the illustration:


  1. Really nice to see some of your process! I'm going to post some from my own poster as well -- when I have time to!! ;) Lovely, lovely piece - congrats on being accepting in the Michelson Gallery show!

  2. Beautiful Katia. Looks like the tried and true process is really working for you.