Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Winter Survival Sketchbook

Winter Survival Sketchbook
Origin: Advice from a very respected art director to loosen up, forget all the feedback from industry professionals through the years, and get back to my true original voice
Duration: Winter, all the time not taken by teaching at Massachusetts College of Art and Design and freelance projects
Purpose: Get fresh, uncensored ideas and ways of drawing & painting
Ways of getting there: Go with the flow
Destination: Unknown
Restrictions: No overthinking allowed 


  1. Love it! I should do this too. Very smart :)

  2. Winter is a time of definite focus! The light is dim and short lived. The cold restricts us in cocoon layers of wool and goose down. We spend time huddled inside around the fire. The circle of life grows small as the arc of the sun. You only have what is in front of you. So do that.