Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jack and the Beanstalk Redux. Process and Final Images.

I'm very excited to finally finish these five sequential images. Below, I post some of the initial thumbnails, value studies, color studies, reference photos, and inspiration that were essential to create the final images. It takes a lot of preliminary work to get to the final result, and at times I started to get impatient. Hopefully, all the hard work is reflected in the illustrations.


  1. This is seriously beautiful work, Katia.
    Seeing artwork in books like this as a kid is what inspired me to become an artist in the first place.
    Your work has improved a thousand-fold since I met you. Beautiful!!

  2. WOW ! Katia this is amazing ..
    i really love how the final paintings turned out :) looking at your process was cool too!

  3. Nice paintings Katia. It was interesting seeing the process of producing them.

  4. Katia,

    These illustrations are beautiful. They really have an airy, surreal quality to them and they are consistent in style. Plus, you've created so many elements within them. Touche! well done, publish it, I'll buy it :)

  5. Thank you Greg and others, your words mean a lot to me.