Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Character Design - Adventurous Little Tailor


This character is inspired by brothers Grimm's Thumbling, a little guy who is a tailor's son. It's much easier for me to imagine the character and his personality when I know what he is up to. As soon as I start reading the text, I start doodling numerous images and scenes. Sometimes the scenes are not even in the text, but they seem to suit the character, so I draw them.
I'm pretty happy with the fact that I finally figured out the way to paint the faces in watercolor (without adding gouache) and get the right expressions and still stay lose and fresh. Plus, going to figure drawing on a consistent basis makes the drawing so much faster and easier. Many years of frustration with both drawing and painting, but I think it's finally paying off.


  1. I think you got the faces nailed down. Theres a nice consistency in the face throughout perspective changes as well. Is this just self promo or commission?

  2. Thanks! Consistency can drive you crazy. I really think children's book illustration is way harder than most illustrators think. I need to do these character studies to convince the publishers that I can do consistent characters and I'm so ready to work! The more I do these, it's just amazing how fast the brain and the hand learn new tricks.

  3. These look great. You achieved exactly what you wanted to. Great addition to your portfolio!